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I need a good Tekkit Seeds

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I've only messed about with a handful, but by far my favourite is Temple. It's really nice, loads of chasms and pretty scenery, but also a rather distinct shortage of food, which I found really adds that little bit of pressure, at least until you get some farms and whatnot going.

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Best. Seed. Ever.


There is only one landmass in an entire 10000 block radius, which you spawn on. It's a jungle mountainous biome.

Pretty hardcore, but I totally turned it into Tracy Island.

Ah, that takes me back to Beta 1.7.3, back when landmasses like that were more common. Gotta try that seed sometime.

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-8829682766255188323 amazing oil seed! in this seed there an oil slick at X 255 Y 67 Z 592. you will need about 30-50 tanks ( i was to lazy to count how many i used, so i guesed by the size ) and if you pump enough oil you will find an abandonded mine shaft! heres a pick of the tanks!

-snip the image-

Oil is generated after the world loads, and therefore is COMPLETELY random...

its the same with dungeon loot as well

i personally like

"my mind is full of fuck" (that is a personal joke and just happens to make a nice world, though i haven't used it since like 1.0 so 1.3 probebly changed that) or my current one "177-819-7265" (ignore the dashes, i put them there to make reading it easier)

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Please post some good Tekkit seeds... I'm desprate

"hate machine" rubber tree grove in a small swamp, with forest and desert nearby. the hills behind are pretty sweet and there is an entrance to an underground cave network clear full of ores, very extensive, that walks you all the way down to a height of 14 (lower in some spots) - (yes you can WALK/HOP all the way down and back up!)

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