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Yogbox needs to update!


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Well did you see what the pages were? And blowing the surprise here, I was going to make my own pack. And put it here.

So what did you mean by "What do you think"? There really wasn't any indication that you were going to make a pack, you even say it was a surprise.


...whatever, that's irrelevant. Good that you wised up and are willing to put some effort towards a pack of your own (even if you make it from a borrowed recipe). If you head over to the Modding central-> Mod makers market you'll find some threads that should be useful if you're new to MC modding.


EDIT: hurr durr I'll leave the post half-written and go browse the youtubes, surely I won't be ninja'd? First time I've been ninja'd by an entire friggin page, though.

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And I will put in not enough items since everything is uncraftable in most mods.

everything is uncraftable in most mods

Guess I've been doing things wrong, then, since I've always just crafted everything.

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OP, I'm going to be merciful and be real with you for a minute instead of being overly sarcastic.


stop.  stop posting in this thread, and go focus on making your pack.  when you have something put together that you like, come back and make a new thread in the appropriate section with the understanding that not everyone is required to love or even like what you have made and that is totally ok


you'll feel a lot better about yourself and life will be much easier that way.

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The Yogscast did move to FTB and created YogCraft, but relative to the packs here it was more along the lines of Tekkit Lite with additional mods (which makes sense, since it was to update their Tekkit Classic server to Minecraft 1.4.7) than an updated YogBox.

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Dropbox sucks if your pack gets big, I bought a year subscription expecting 200GB bandwidth/day as offered, but if you exceed 200GB/day your account gets suspended for a few days (no public links) -- if it happens again, you're suspended even longer. My last ban on dropbox lasted over like over a month. So if your pack gets popular -- dont use dropbox.

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In case future yognaughts stumble across here I'll just mention that the "Attack of the B-Team" is very similar in a lot of ways to several of the current yogscast series - with some extra bits.


It has hats, it has tinkers construct, it has galacticraft (and galacticraft mars), it has biomesoplenty, it has archimedes airships.  That's most of what you see used in Sjin's Space Rescue, SipsCo Space Program, Simon & Lewis's Moonquest and Duncan & Kim's Galacticraft.

It does not have Buildcraft, Mekanism and ICBM (quarries, wind turbines, laser turrets and red matter explosives).

It has a bunch of additional stuff that's interesting like morph, chisel, furniture mods and dragons instead.


Hexxit is similar to where they were going with yogbox like people suggested here to the point where they actually just used hexxit for a bunch of episodes - Duncan has a whole series, there were a few with Lewis, Duncan and Sjin.


Videos on Yogscast using millenaire are old videos indeed :)



The B-Team does have its own series if you'd like to see how people do use things in that pack in game.


p0pdr0p, if you're still around I wish you the best of luck with your pack.


Edit: Added a yogs series to the list I'd forgotten

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