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Yogbox needs to update!

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I have about a 50% progress. Right now I am messing around with it and looking at more of the mods that were posted in Yogbox. If I just did Yogbox mods I would have 23-28 mods. So I will have 4 packs: Yogbox updated (Just Yogbox mods), Yogbox+ , Yogbox Ultimate, and Yogbox Evolved.

Yogbox+ has 40 mods, Yogbox Ultimate has 60 mods, and Yogbox Evolved has 80 mods.

Well one 5/21/14 I almost hit the 2000 views mark.


Well, I need some ideas for some more mods. I have picked out all the good ones and the ones that are in Yogbox. Please leave a post for a request. I will check on posts in 2 days. (From 4/15/2014) 



     I see posting on this no longer happens, so this page is dead to me. X_X

Please bring this back to life, people think I left, but I did not get any more posts.


Ok so, I am picking a song for the intro once I learn how to make a video (Never made one). The song is epic, Its is called "With Great Power." All of them will most likely be this song I found it on YouTube. I see that this is still dead and no one looks at this anymore. Well, I might start a new topic to get the views coming in again.

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I want to see if people want this or not. Maybe for 50 likes.

I think a simple post would be sufficient, or maybe a poll. (I think we can do those now, right?)

As it stands you look like you're just trying to farm likes.

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I hope you are kidding. Besides this shouldn't even be on the Technic forums in the first place. The guy who worked on the Yogscast alongside Technic is long gone. Nobody cared about it and just left it there for the yognaught nuts who refuse to play something different than what their stardom displays.

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I have played Hexxit, not really the same.

Of course it wouldn't be the same because at this point it is really a lot better. (not to mention there's a lot more content to it now) and hexxit will be updated and from the looks of it yogbox will not. (my opinion, don't mean to insult you)

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I remember seeing a clip of Simon playing that pack; battletowers, millenaire, fairies, vampires(?) and small zepplines over the sky going pew! pew! pew! every time they saw you.

It looked fun, but I never took it serious, the pack was meant to be some kind of RPG with humour aimed for kids.


You really want Hexxit, with a few mods from Attack of the B-Team on it. Or just play Attack of the B-team.


AotB-team boring? Did you even try digging old fossils, reviving a dinosaur and let it go loose?

Did you try Witchery?

Did you try Darwins mobs?

Did you try creating your own mob from dead parts, like a deranged frankenstein doctor?


Don't let the pack pass you by by first glance, it really packs a punch of different and strange things, aiming for both tech and magic nerds, something that Yogbox could never deliver.

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The thing is, you have to do all of those on your own. I would not like to have a dinosaur eat me in my sleep. And I will not spend millions of hours trying to make its cage nice and secure. Making an army of dead things. I would rather have guards to do the same job better then dead creatures. The only thing good about attack of the B-Team would be the Dubstep gun. And my last post about this being able to update to 1.6.2 that is a big jump. The only thing I can say is. You need to stop chasing me all around and posting you negative things here. I would really like it if you change or delete your posts and do not come back here if you will not change. And to make things easier I would have to cheat. Not happening with me.

We are not victimising you. We are disagreeing with you.

You're really reaching. All of these 'arguments' really don't make any sense. It won't really take you millions of hours to make a dinoaur pen, will it? Does it really matter if your minions are undead or not? Will it in any way affect their effectiveness? Does it matter if the update jumps one hotfix or a whole release version? It won't if the yogscast or technic have moved and don't care anymore, will it?

Do you really expect us to delete our posts and not come back just because you don't like what we are saying?

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You need to stop chasing me all around and posting you negative things here. I would really like it if you change or delete your posts and do not come back here if you will not change.

Replying to you in a thread is hardly chasing you all around, and you don't get to dictate what other people can post.


That's my job.

Do you really expect us to delete our posts and not come back just because you don't like what we are saying?

He seems to, since he reported Munaus for "flooding" this thread with "negative things".

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. And to make things easier I would have to cheat. Not happening with me.



I don't get this part, what exactly would you have to cheat?



They even removed Technic on it own launcher. So what do you think of what I wrote?

You haven't followed minecraft progress lately. The SSP as we knew it is gone, there is no actual singleplayer, since you are constantly playing an offline/online lan world. Everything is online now, that's why technic team decided to leave the word "technic" behind and change it to "Tekkit" to resemble the tekkit multiplayer that we used to call it back in the day.


Also something you may not have considered: Millenaire consumes a lot of working memory on a PC. I know since I used to add Millenaire and a few other mods, 5 in total, in my custom modpack back in the day.

I also remembered Kinniken being against anyone using his mod in a modpack, but I guess he changed that since I cant find any restriction on his site. Except for the written permission, of course

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news flash for OP: no one is flooding anything in this thread, you're simply being disagreed with.  additionally, yogbox is not going to be updated. if you want it updated, do it yourself and put it up on the platform.  maybe other people are also wanting to play a pack like that, who knows.

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