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What's the story behind your avatar?


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So I was thinking about avatars (I hope that's the right name for them). Everyone has a reason for having or not having an avatar. It represents your personality because you must go out of your way to put one on your account. I thought it would be nice to have a place where people can tell other people why they have it, and maybe a backstory about getting it. I suppose I'll start.

My avatar is a slime, I found it from Googling after realizing I needed to have an avatar to feel like people would actually look at my posts. I noticed that I sometimes didn't take people with no avatar seriously, and that it's some level of 'me' put into my account. I can't remember exactly why I chose a slime, but it seemed a fitting picture.

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I think of my self as the kind of guy who can be nice and helpful or be a total hard ass if I want to and when I found this little pic, to me it screamed "If you do something stupid I will tear you a new ass hole!" which as some people have seen can be true of me. As for the can be nice bit, well I suppose it doesn't do much for that. I suppose that it keeps people on their toes to be mature and it's a surprise when I actually help out.

The way I found this was when I was nearing the end of my first and so far only Keller sentence, I wanted to get away from the baby pick ASAP so I went looking for avatars. I'm a big fan of HALO so I searched around there first and came up with this gem!

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Because you can't make a good dragon skin in MC, I looked for squarish things.

My precarious expeditions and tireless work led me to unearth the dread Puzzle Box of Yog-Saron, the most maddening artifact you can put together from fragments of Nerubian archeology findings. All pried from the burning sands of Udlum.

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I like to promote games and mods I enjoy.

This bad boy is a screenshot from the mod Prophecy of Pendor on the game Mount&Blade: Warband.

My avatar also has some background that I think fits the mood of this modding community:

The Order of Eventide is a splinter group from the Order of the Dawn that ostensibly left because the Knights of the Dawn burned people as they pleased. They (Eventide) also claim to be studying the Heretics in order to effectively combat them...
Quote from PoP wiki.The rest of the text is a bit unreadable..

To fill in the gaps: Dawn is a group of knights gone a bit overzealous. Think of them as the spanish inquisition.

Eventide (my avatar) is the group of knights who fight fire with fire. Who stands for order and justice.

They are black, due to the ridiculous claims by Dawn that "They've gone evil! They are a part of the Heretics!". Eventide simply embrace this to enhance the fear and mysticism around them.

I like the medieval lore, I like the many legends and myths that span around them.

Eventide reminds me much about Sir Mordred, the bastard son of King Arthur.

Knights are something I admire. The highly trained fighting elite, the verbally well-spoken men who spend their lives protecting the weak.

That is, if you believe everything on the paper. It is more likely that knights merely protected those peasants who worked under them and gained said knight's income.

But still, I am a romantic fool.

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I didn't proof read my posts.

Let this be a lesson to you!

As for my other one, well... There was a guide on how to draw an owl. I followed it and came up with a masterpiece that I decided to share with the world.

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