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Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape


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18 hours ago, Mooseman9 said:

I think we're seeing the resurgence of right-wing patriotism. First Brexit, now Trump. I wonder which country will go next.


Seriously though, hopefully not Finland. It seems to apply all over the world, sadly enough.

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IIRC, the mini NES is actually more powerful than the Wii. :psyduck:

3 hours ago, Lethosos said:

That reminds me, I need to look at getting an SNES emulator on my 3DS.

I'm impressed that exists, honestly.

Now to get a SNES emulator running in a 3DS emulator running on my emulated Android phone which uses a JVM which...

Okay, in all seriousness, I do rather enjoy having a (non-3)DS emulator on my phone.

ALSO: DIRT 3 is *free* right now on the humble store -> https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game

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13 hours ago, TheBytemaster said:

IIRC, the mini NES is actually more powerful than the Wii. :psyduck:

So I heard! Don't know if it's actually more powerful than the Wii, but there's some serious hardware in there.
Enough to run, say... SNES games. At the least. I believe it could also handle N64 games, but I don't fully remember if that's what I read or something I'm making up.


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2 hours ago, Lethosos said:

I like the idea, I'm just not big on Monster Hunter style games.

I've never tried one, TBH. Maybe I just like the idea of them then? *shrugs*

Well at any rate, the Mini NES can run Linux. (I mean, it's just an ARM chip, so not really surprising, but still.)



Me and another person here have decided to throw money at AMD stock.

It's um...


Well it's at a five-year high right now, so you tell me.

If it spikes come Zen in the spring, I'd be tempted to blow the earnings on a Vive, any reasons why I shouldn't? Is there another version in the works or something? Or is the content drought really as bad as I've heard?

EDIT: Are there three spammers active right now, or have they figured out that they posts will stay up marginally longer if they use more accounts?

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Just now, Paranørmal said:


It seems you aren't generating enough power let me just *sticks nuclear power cell in thread* there should work now.

You fool! Now the chances of it becoming a runaway Threadzilla has increased exponentially!


Or die out quickly. It's a lot like Schrodinger's Cat.

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3 minutes ago, TheBytemaster said:

Threadzilla 2; electric boogaloo.

How're you all doing snow-wise?

I'm a little disappointed here, but at least there's SOME snow on the ground most days.

What is this "snow"?

Whatever it is, I don't think Wales is big on it

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We don't do snow here anymore. Haven't done for some years now.
At best we get some slush.

No, seriously. The moment it touches pavement, it immediately dissolves into slush.
Fuck everybody who says global warming isn't real.

It takes a real freak winter to produce any proper snow.

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plenty of snow and ice here. I even slipped with my car to the ditch a few days ago.

Compared with the last two years, this is the most snow I've ever had this close to christmas


Edit. of course Mother Nature will balance it all out. Forecast shows we will get plus degrees and rain all three days before christmas. :11tea:

I wont care, I'm planning on making some wonderful food with my family. That and beer and scrolling through the Steam holiday sales will keep me indoors

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